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Note: Each traveler must submit their own reservation slip when they sign up for a trip


Martha Washington Inn

Historic Abingdon & Lexington, VA

and the Barter Theatre

March 28 – 29, 2019

Founded in 1778, historic Abingdon, Virginia is among the oldest towns west of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Its buildings date back to the 18th century and it is also home to Barter Theatre, the State Theatre of Virginia.

Lexington, Virginia is unique for its large number of well-preserved buildings, many still in use today.  It is also the final resting place of confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

This trip includes an evening show at the Barter Theatre, accommodations at the elegant Martha Washington Inn, and riding tours of both Abingdon and Lexington, making this one spring tour you don’t want to miss!  Click here for a detailed flyer.

Barter theatre

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1. If you have interest in going on a Shepherd’s Center trip, please send your payment with the slip from the flyer as soon as you are sure that you would like to go.  This will ensure your reservation, assuming that the trip is not already filled.  If you have waited until close to the time for the trip, please call the office to find out whether the trip is full.  The sooner you get your check to us, the greater the chance that you will be able to go. **Note** The “deadline” on the travel flyer indicates the last day that the tour company accepts reservations.  The trip may be full by that date.  Please register early!

2. We are not able to put your name on the trip roster until we have received a payment and a registration slip from you.  Calling the office to ask to be put on the roster is no longer an option.  It has caused a great deal of confusion in the past and we can no longer do it.

3. If you send us a check and the trip is already full, we will call you to ask whether you would like to be put on the waiting list for that trip.  If you decline, we will immediately return your check.  If you accept and are not able to go because no spot becomes available, we will refund the amount of your check.

4. If you would like to travel with a friend, we must have complete information for that person in order to put them on the roster.  Please do continue to let us know that this person is your traveling companion or roommate, but we cannot put someone on the roster simply as “Mary’s friend Jean”.  When we receive a check and complete information for your friend, we will add him or her to the roster.

5. Health Forms:  For long trips, it is often a requirement for every traveler to submit a health form.  The forms remain in the sealed envelope in which you sent it to us.  They are all put into a large sealed envelope and carried by the trip leader(s).  In the event of an emergency, your health form will be invaluable to the doctor or hospital where you are treated.  All sealed forms are shredded at the end of a trip.  We do not keep them for any reason.

6. Refunds: For short trips of one day, cancellations made within thirty (30) business days of departure are “Non-Refundable,” unless either you or we can find someone to go in your place.  The Shepherd’s Center and the tour company have already made payments for your meals, theater tickets, and so forth.  If there is a waiting list for the trip, then there is no problem.

7. For any trip that lasts 2 days or more, the first $100 of your deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances.  A portion of the balance of your deposit, or any additional payments that you have made may be refundable if either you or we can find someone to go in your place.  Since refund is not guaranteed, we strongly recommend that you consider travel insurance.

8. A brochure for travel insurance is sent to you with the receipt for your deposit.

9. Meal preferences are taken into consideration to the extent that the providers (restaurants, hotels) make options available.  Vegetarian meals, when available, will be listed as such on the travel flyer.

10. Please make The Shepherd’s Center aware of any life-threatening allergies that you may have, such as seafood or peanuts.  We will do our best to take these concerns into consideration, but we cannot guarantee a risk-free trip for you.

11. If you use a walker, cannot climb stairs, or walk distances with ease, please contact the trip leader (listed on the flyer) prior to making your reservation.  Please discuss the demands of the trip with the trip leader.  Together, you can determine whether the trip will be suitable for you.

12. As with any tour sponsor or company, The Shepherd’s Center reserves the right to determine that a traveler is not able to participate in our tour(s).

Thank you!  –  The Shepherd’s Center Travel Committee