Tune Into WRIC at 6 pm

Remember when I told you about the camera crews that were shooting interviews at St. Luke’s? Well, now one of those stories is about to be on TV!  Our own Constance Jones, OU German student and news anchor, interviewed another OU German student, Ken Horton, for a story celebrating the anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down.  It will air tonight, Monday, November 11 on WRIC Evening News (Channel 8, ABC) on the 6 pm broadcast.  Be sure that you tune in!

Constance Jones interviews Ken Horton
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4 Responses to Tune Into WRIC at 6 pm

  1. fay french says:

    That was not Ken


  2. badillon says:

    Julie, I looked, but didn’t ever see! How did I miss it?



  3. Faye – Ken was the second gentleman to be interviewed and it looks like we have reported a wrong last name! Use this link to watch the story again


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