A Fantastic Lecture for You!

Good Summer Everyone!

I miss seeing you all at the Open University and Lunch and Life.  I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and keeping cool in the humidity (and dry in the rain!).  Since you may not be in classes right now, I would like to share a lecture that I attended at another lifelong learning program about a month ago.  It is eye-opening.  Do yourself a favor and watch it.  Take good care – Julie

Click here to see Dr. Bill Thomas talk about living in an ageist society.

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5 Responses to A Fantastic Lecture for You!

  1. Molly MacBean says:

    So sorry I had to miss this. Thank you for sharing the link. Bill Thomas is a terrific advocate of aging.

    Hope you are well. We will get together soon!

    Molly MacBean


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  2. Harriett Frank says:

    Thank you, Julie…. Harriett Frank


  3. Carol Parke says:

    I watched this – all of it. Wise, wise, wise! cp



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