Happy New Year!

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4 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. June Hoye says:

    Thanks so much, Julie, for your good wishes. Also…thank you for all you do for the Shepherd’s Center. You are a huge credit to “the organization.” I admire your enthusiasm and hard work. I know you will keep it up!!!

    June Hoye


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  2. badillon says:

    Thanks, Julie. I trust 2018
    will be a fine year for TSCOR & its programs — so many good ways to get involved — Driving, Open University, Driving, Office volunteers, Driving — get the impression we’d love to have some more Drivers???!!! YES, WE WOULD!!! and it’s a delightful volunteer opportunity to meet some very nice folks who really need us! and something you can do, when it fits Your schedule!!! Now how often do you see an opportunity like that? Do call the office 355-7282, and learn more!
    Betty Ann Dillon


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