News Channel 8 OU Story

A big shout out to WRIC Channel 8 News and Amy Lacey for telling Richmond about the Open University and The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond.  To watch the broadcast again, CLICK HERE

And thank you to George Pangburn, his geography class, Susie Wiltshire, her French class, especially students, Willis O’Brien and Cathy Hayden, who agreed to be interviewed, as well as our incredible Shirley Norman-Regal, an inspiration to us all!

Take a look at our full course schedule and come join us.  You don’t know what you’re missing!

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6 Responses to News Channel 8 OU Story

  1. Gwynn Henderson says:

    I tuned in. Was very impressed by the lady in her 90s.

    Gwynn Henderson


  2. Rita Gold says:

    I recorded it, watched it in the evening and thought it was terrific.  Shirley is as sharp on-screen as she is off-screen!  


  3. Nancy Wallace says:

    Great story. We need more like this!


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