What a Celebration It Was!

This past Tuesday, we gathered together and honored our volunteers and their service to Richmond’s older community.  Enjoy the pictures (thank you Susan B.!).  If you click on them, they will get larger.  Thank you again to all of our volunteers, who are drivers, transportation coordinators, handy men & women, friendly callers, Open University instructors and support crew,  board and committee members.

You ARE The Shepherd’s Center!

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4 Responses to What a Celebration It Was!

  1. Judy Moore says:

    Great luncheon…great pictures Susan B!

    Thanks Shepherd’s Center staff for all you do.


    Judy MOORE

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. It truly was a delightful celebration of some wonderful folks! Lunch was delicious, fellowship was such fun, door prizes much fun, and recognition of much talent and dedication — thanks to all who made it possible!
    Betty Ann Dillon, Acting President, TSCOR


  3. Julie says:

    Thanks Betty Ann!


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