Informal Men’s Group Update

Jim Evans, TSCOR member, has indeed successfully started an informal men’s group that has already met a couple of times.  Just older guys who want to have a chance to get together with some other older guys, no agenda in particular, just a discussion group, maybe once a month, time and place TBD.  It would be a chance to compare notes, opinions, and life experiences.  If anyone is interested in joining these meetings, contact Jim Evans at 754-7765.

And with that being said, are there any women out there that would be interested in starting an informal women’s group??  We need a couple of volunteers to coordinate meetings and TSCOR can help with the time and location.  Email me at with your thoughts.  Thanks so much – Julie

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2 Responses to Informal Men’s Group Update

  1. Charley says:

    For the men it’s called THE ROMEO’S Retired Old Men Eating Out.



  2. Linda Peyman says:

    I would be interested in the… hopefully to be formed…. Ladies group, not to get it going but hopefully to attend……when the back problems allow. Some days are hard………


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